A Party Bus for the Prom

My twin daughters were so excited to be going to the prom this last year. They both thought they would not go because they had broken up with their boyfriends a couple of months before, but they each had a new one before their big dance. I was really pleased with their new boyfriends as I hadn’t cared much for their choices prior to them. We had to hurry and buy dresses for their prom, and then we had to check out www.partybustoronto.limo because I was adamant about them not driving that day themselves, or having their dates drive.

I remember how prom was for me. My boyfriend and I were so excited, making both of us distracted and not paying attention to his driving. While nothing happened, I knew we had been lucky, and I did not want my daughters getting into a situation that could prove to be not as lucky as what I had been. They have several friends who said their parents would be happy to go in on a limo with me, but I thought a party bus would be a lot more fun for all of them.

I had never been on one myself, but I have seen pictures of them. They look very comfortable, which is a must because the girls are all going to be decked out in fancy dresses. There is ample room, plus there are a lot of nice things on the bus. There are strobe lights and a laser system for the kids to have fun with, and they can plug their music into the system on the bus too. Though they will be on the bus for less than three hours total, I knew that it would be a fun time for all of them. It helps that it was so inexpensive for us parents too!

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