Our Viewers Love This New Service

I work for a company that does a lot of on-screen interviews with people. We interview a lot of people in the sports world. And it can be loud and very busy at whatever location we go to in order to interview people. It is hectic. So I use video to text transcriptions so that everyone who comes to our site and read a transcription for what our interviewees talk about. It is very helpful for everyone. It is also nice for the interviewees to be able to print out the transcription and keep it for their records.

A lot of people these days like to watch videos. These are people that have the time to do it. But there are other people who do not have a lot of time, and it is much faster for them to simply read through an interview. And if there is loud cheering or other things like that going on in the background of the voices that should be heard easily, the readers do not have to put up with that. We got a lot of people letting us know that they love to watch our videos, but they do not have time to sit and watch through three of them at sitting.

We did not want any of our viewers to start skipping over what we offer and going to someone else. So, we decided to think about what we could do to make things easier on them. We do try to clean up the video audio as much as possible, but that is not always enough. Then, one our employees had the bright idea to use a transcription service. We thought we could try it out and see if it was a solution, and it has been a great one. Now, as soon as we put up a video, we also put out a transcription.

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Taking Care of My Elderly Parent

I am trying to talk my father into contacting a sacramento bankruptcy attorney. He has a good amount of money coming in from military retirement, SSS, and military disability. The problem is that he became a credit addict. He has two mortgages and a car loan plus many other debts; such as: personal loans, store credit and credit cards. He barely has money for food now after all of his bills get paid. I am not sure how to talk him into the bankruptcy.

He thinks it's honorable to pay all his debts. Of course that's good in theory but he needs to live and these companies preyed on him. If I didn't regularly lend him money he would be in big trouble and start defaulting on things. The other option that I am considering is getting him to sell his place and move with me and my fiancé to another city. He would either have his own room or a separate guest house if we could swing it.

I think he may be reluctant to move. This was the home that his wife recently died in and he may not want to move due to memories. He also loves the location. But it's an hour from the city. I think he is starting to have some memory and cognition issues and do not think it would be good to leave him living alone. He is a stubborn old man.

If he went through bankruptcy then maybe he could arrange payments for some things like the house while writing off others that are less important. It would also make it easier for me to help out with things. I think a new place would be better. The current house needs too much work but I'm willing to compromise and help with repairs is he is.

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